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Elsa Cable Gland System
Take a closer look on how ELECTROLINES can assist you on your cable gland system.
Elsa Cable Lugs System These products are applicable to the connection of wires in distribution equipment power supply cable with electronic apparatus.
Elsa Lightning System
Maintenace free operation as there is direct connectivity from earth terminal to the earth pits.
Tube Fittings,Pipe Fittings,Industrial Valves,Instrumentaion Vales,Air Headers& Condensate Potrs, Manifolds etc..."

Elsa Cable Management System
Trays, Ladders, Trunking, Framing,
Channels and Brackets

Elsa Electroweld System
Electroweld welding metnod is a metal to metal joining process by melting metal that have melting points in the same range

  Elsa Wiring Accessories
Elsa Wiring Accessories
Elsa Testing Equipment
Elsa Wiring Accessories
Anemometers,Cable Height Meter,Clamp-On Meters,Coating Thickness Gage,Distance Meter,Detectors Metal etc.

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