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Hydraulic Bender, Mechanical Bender, Power Puller Package, Rope, Fish Tape System, Cable Cutters, Knockout Punch Sets, Dieless Crimpers, PVC Benders, Hand Tools, Industrial Tools: Impact Drills, Impact Wrench, Rotary Hammers, Grinders, Cutters, Drivers, Saws; Multimeters Circuit Testers, Cable Locators.

Saftey Products
Lockout Device, Locks & Accessories, Lockout Tags, Warning Lights, Siren, Horns.

AFO Fire Extinguisher
Auto Fire Off :Watches your life and property with latest technology and ease of use , an iron-clad guarantee to your life .AFO is a fully automatic fire extinguisher. When throwing or rolling to fire , it will explode and make huge noise to catch everyone's attention nearby. You can also place it where the hotspots are such as flammable objects,circuit breaker box and gas tank. in case of fire , it will put out the fire by itself thus guarding lives and property.

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